Patrons and Sponsors

Patrons and Sponsors
We wish to thank all those – individuals, institutions, companies – who choose to support the Association with particularly significant donations, so contributing to a particular project or initiative in support of the Museum.


– Merribel S. Ayres
– Giuseppe Caprotti
– Contessa Lucrezia Borromeo


Contessa Lucrezia Borromeo


2017-2018 Our special thanks for the year 2018 go to our member Giuseppe Caprotti, who distinguished himself by his generosity to the Association. By his donation, he made it possible to restore the numerous wooden chandeliers and the two eighteenth-century l Bohemian crystal lamps in the Sala Maria Teresa, the heart of the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense.

Our warmest thanks also go to Oliver Wyman, the consulting company that has supported the Association for many months, offering pro-bono consultancy to maximise the effectiveness of our work and initiatives.



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