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Gente Di Brera

Men and Women Who Made Brera: The Pinacoteca, the Academy, the Neighborhood. A series of podcasts curated by Ottavia Casagrande and Leonardo Piccinini.

Giuseppe Bossi.
il primo direttore

Francesco Hayez.
il primo romantico

Fernanda Wittgens.
da operaia avventizia a prima direttrice donna

Vanessa Beecroft.
studente a Brera/artista globale


A podcast series with Marco Carminati

Directed by Ottavia Casagrande

Produced by the Associazione Amici di Brera

“What do you want? – said Manzoni – he was a man to admire without being able to love; the greatest tactician, the most tireless conqueror, with the greatest quality of a politician, knowing how to wait and how to act. His death shook me, as if the world was missing some essential element.”

The ode to Napoleon, who died on Saint Helena on May 5, 1821, is the magnificent work we all studied, marking the definitive end of the Napoleonic era. The original manuscript by Manzoni is kept in Brera (at the Biblioteca Braidense), a place that owes much to the fifteen years of French rule, as does the city of Milan, which was the capital until 1814, first of the Cisalpine Republic, then of the Kingdom of Italy.

The birth of the Pinacoteca di Brera, with masterpieces arriving from every corner of the Peninsula; the completion of the Milan Cathedral, the Arena, the Arch of Peace, the work of one of the greatest artists of the era, Andrea Appiani; the grandiose project of Foro Bonaparte, the lavish coronation (which includes the fabulous mantle of Napoleon, recently restored thanks to Intesa Sanpaolo). And yet more testimonies from contemporaries, changes in fashion, decoration, and taste.

Napoleone e Milano

Napoleone e Brera

L’incoronazione di Napoleone

Napoleone e Manzoni

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