Understanding, protection, enhancement

Founded in 1926 by a group of passionate Milanese citizens, dissolved during the Fascist regime and reconstituted in 1949, the Associazione degli Amici di Brera has always worked to promote the knowledge, enhancement, and protection of the historic Palazzo di Brera.

Its main purpose has always been to bring the city closer to Brera, spreading awareness of the artistic heritage it houses. Amici di Brera offers participants opportunities for education and exchange with a rich calendar of activities and events for both members and non-members, thanks to a network of contacts and agreements with other institutions and non-profit organizations.

The Association supports Brera’s heritage through multiple actions made possible by the constant support of collectors, connoisseurs, and art lovers. The main means used to ensure this support range from direct sponsorships to fundraising campaigns, donations of important artworks to enrich the existing collections, and restorations.

Each year, in coordination with the Pinacoteca di Brera, the Amici di Brera identify the most urgent restoration projects. These interventions, of high cultural and artistic value, are supported by both institutional and private backers.

Our association’s promotion and conservation activities also include providing services to support the museum’s operations, such as publications, technical or lighting systems, to ensure the public can enjoy the Palazzo di Brera’s artistic heritage to the fullest.

Through the various proposals of our Didactic section, we address not only our members but also schools, teachers, and non-EU citizens.

Amici di Brera is a member of FIDAM – Federazione Italiana Amici dei Musei, and WFFM – World Federation of Friends of Museums. The Association is also developing an international collaboration program with important museums, friends of museums, and “Circles” across Europe and the United States.



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