Special projects

Communication is our primary need.
We want to share the activities and projects carried out by the association and make our members aware of how determined and valuable their contribution is to achieving our objectives.
This section is devoted to projects that most of all deserve support and attention from us during the year.
The Special Projects that the association supports vary from time to time based on the gallery’s most pressing needs. They include the creation of services designed to favour the functioning of the museum (such as improvements to technical systems, lighting, publications...) and direct contributions to the maintenance and restoration of artworks, ensuring the public are able to enjoy them more fully.

New light for the Sala Maria Teresa, the heart of the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense
This year the Friends of Brera have decided to devote their support to the room named after the founder of the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense, which hosts exhibitions and cultural events. This space will be able to enjoy new light thanks to the restoration of the numerous wooden chandeliers and the replacement of the halogen lights in the bookcases with more efficient LED technology.

Progetti Sostenuti


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